Street Medics - Paris

In the mist of chaos. When boulevards of Paris turn into a temporary war zone between the Protest participants and the police. Injuries are common. A group of people, risking their own well-being in order to help others are out on the front lines providing the injured with the first aid. Dressed in make shift medic’s uniforms, stocked on salt solution and bandages they come and partake in these events of civil unrest. I was fascinated by this. As I have not witnessed anything a like whilst documenting protests and demonstrations here in London.

Naturally, I was curious to find out what drives these people to come, taking a risk of having their equipment confiscated by the police. As well as being injured themselves during the outbreaks of violence. Surprisingly the amount of civilian medics I have spoken to. Had very similar reasons. Some were part of the Gilet Jaune movement before, but decided to trade their yellow vest for a white T-shirt and utilise their medical training. Others have seen the violence levels in the capital decided to come from near by cities and care for the injured.

One thing that was always coming through when speaking with these civilian medics was that they had no bias, there sole motivation was to help and take care of the injured. Regardless of the side they represented. To your surprise if you do feel sceptical of this, I can assure you. These words do translate into actions.

[Photographs from a range of protests shot on analog and digital mediums]