Woolwich Foot Tunnel

With this short image series, I tried to capture the mysteriousness of the Woolwich Foot Tunnel that crosses under the River Thamse. Opened in 1912 to connect North Woolwich and South Woolwich. Tunnel’s south entrance is one of the oldest buildings in “Old Woolwich”, with over a 1000, if not more people using it each day, it has seen the fair use and abuse. It’s a pretty spooky place, if you’d ask me. A blog “PortalsofLondon” which is working towards cataloging time portals in London, wrote a post about this Tunnel that received a significant media attention, on what went wrong with the refurbishment works in 2011. According to the post, men who worked there said they could spend hours working away and emerge only minutes after they entered. Now wether that is true or false, I’ll leave you to decide.